Having three sons makes an interesting household. We welcome you to bookmark us and follow our adventures. Let us give you a quick introduction of our family...

Brad (30)- The Daddy. Contrary to popular belief, kids do not make you lose your hair. It was gone well before the kids were born.
Michelle (28)- The Mommy. The one who taught the boys it's cool to pee on tree's.
Owen (4)- "Big O"- The first born. Says that God makes everything, but that China makes a lot of stuff too.
Isaiah (2)- We call hiim Tiny. Built like a brick house, and will probably end up being 6'-4", 250
Everett (9 months)- A.K.A. Rah-Rah the prodigy. Little man went from barely sitting up, to crawling, jabbering, and standing on his own in 2 weeks.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Chip off the ol' block

About 6:30 Sunday morning, I woke up to Tiny screaming in bed. I ran across the hall to calm him down and to prevent him from waking his brother's up. So I start with the whole "Tiny calm down, it's ok, stop crying", and so on. Well then I realize that he is still sleeping, and once I stop to listen to him, I hear him scream "No Owen, I wanted the other half of my sandwich! That was my sandwich!!"

Leave it to my kid to not only dream about food, but to yell at the person who took said food. Just like his old man.

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