Having three sons makes an interesting household. We welcome you to bookmark us and follow our adventures. Let us give you a quick introduction of our family...

Brad (30)- The Daddy. Contrary to popular belief, kids do not make you lose your hair. It was gone well before the kids were born.
Michelle (28)- The Mommy. The one who taught the boys it's cool to pee on tree's.
Owen (4)- "Big O"- The first born. Says that God makes everything, but that China makes a lot of stuff too.
Isaiah (2)- We call hiim Tiny. Built like a brick house, and will probably end up being 6'-4", 250
Everett (9 months)- A.K.A. Rah-Rah the prodigy. Little man went from barely sitting up, to crawling, jabbering, and standing on his own in 2 weeks.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Was I there?

Here is the dialogue between me, Owen, and Isaiah during our drive to the Doctor's office:

Isaiah: "Are you still married dad?"
Me: "Yeah buddy, I'm married to your mom."
Isaiah: "You married mommy?"
Me: "That's right.:
Owen: "Was I there?"
Me: "Nope."
Owen: "Was I still in mommy's belly, or was I at the hospital?"
Me: "No buddy, you weren't here yet. It was before you were born."
Isaiah: "Was I there?"
Owen: "No Tiny, you were still at the hospital waiting for them to pick you up."
Me: "No he wasn't. Tiny wasn't born yet either."
Isaiah: "Was I at the hospital or the Doctor?"
Owen: "The hospital is like the Doctor, except the hospital is where you pick up babies."

I always love these little chats.

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